Network Services

Kiyoshi as the leading network services in Hyderabad has the capability of providing the facilities for network operations.

Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling follows a standardized architecture and components by EIA/TIA TR42 committee. It is the prominent network services in Hyderabad and provides a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure with a complete system of associated hardware and cabling for multi-vendor environment and multi-product.

Switching LAN Networks

Switching LAN networks is a form of packet switching in the network services in Hyderabad. It is a process of transferring data over a network from one computer to another. It plays a vital role in improving efficiency off LAN and reduces existing bandwidth issues. Multiple networking techniques are used to maintain LAN and they are easy to establish but challenging to maintain.

Routing Networks

Routing/Wireless Networks

Routing/Wireless Networks are usually sensor networks where all the nodes coordinate and spread routing the message in the absence of wired or fixed infrastructure. The wireless sensor networks contain multiple scenarios and the data exchange between nodes is supported by multihop communications.

Firewall Security

A firewall is a security system specially developed to blocks network traffic and forms a barrier connection to a trusted network from an untrusted network. A Firewall can be enforced by either hardware or software or a combination of both.